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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I will not allow air to pass between us........................BEST MAN WIN?????

Best Men Win......can I  still used  that  philosophy ???????
 2012 BMW K1600GTL
Greetings to you and I) and I will like us to be ready to take an incredible journey and to create an endless happiness.
I am sure I will travel down many avenues, which you may find amusing (smile) as I attempt to convey my lifes tale.
 I am sweet, playful, and naughty. Are you ready to venture into my domain? Then indeed the pleasure will not be all mine but yours as well for you are about to enter into my essence.
I trust you will not find me too boring because I can talk too much and always makes jokes to make someone happy.
As I unravel my lifes mysteries. Welcome! I am a strong man emotionally.
Most of who I am is yet tied to my city paradise for my Hawaii lives within me. I am very traditional with strong ties to my ancestral roots.
I am not only  compassionate but I'm also very easy going. I have longed to live my life with someone that will understand me and show me love but I am always very careful before I give out my precious heart because I am too emotional.
I have just recently relocated in to a more of a city feel of community life. I know what it takes to love and be loved and I feel and nurture the good life that affect love positively  So I understand commitment and selflessness in order to bring forth needed changes which establishes quality of life for all those involved. I call it my village mentality. (Smile)
    2012 Honda Gold Wing
I love to laugh, celebrate with food and family. I love to fish, camp, and read. I love slow easy unrushed days.
I appreciate the dawns sun rising and often find comfort in its  soft tranquil light, the moana (ocean) is my solace when lifes storms unfurl its fury against me.
I love kind gentle thoughts especially if it is expressed with gentle mannerisms which convey how very precious said moment that just past meant to those whom embarked in its kind glow.
I am shy by nature and only am open with those I know I am safe with. I am soft spoken and well mannered. I never assume anything for I'm never afraid to ask to clarify any given situation.
I don't like to wear the fool's cap (smile) I am a very affectionate person and openly reach out and touch those whom matter to me. I am enjoying this journey and hopefully I will hold enrichment via communication. For it is the seed of all great works.
I hope to meet someone who is not afraid to get his hands dirty along with the rest of her. You know a rugged sort of woman. Please tell me that this type of woman still exists.
The changing times baby, I like hard working hands, for his value is felt in his labor. I am seeking quality, she can be as poor as a church mouse, ugly, the beauty is indeed found in the eye of the beholder. And I am the beholder. (smile)The Wilderness is my back yard so talk to me if you are a champion in your own right.

I will love to have someone like you by my side always with all passion and feeling and in a cool and romantic approach. I always believe that great favor comes from Allah.
Noor,my sweetie, you have nothing to worry about and I want to make a vow and Oath to you that you will not experience any harm in me.
I will protect you with all my heart and strength and ready to give up my life for your sake, because the moment I met you I had a life change and begin to feel like a man ones more.
Keep this love flourishing and we achieve our goals forever.
                       Loving you with all my heart
Sales Price (excluding roadtax and insurance) :-
RM 8,488.00 (dual starter)
Type 4-T/SN175J
Bore X Stroke 61.0 x 58.6 mm
Displacement 171.2 cubic cm
Compression Ratio 10:01
Carburetor KEIHIN CVK
Ignition System CDI
Starting System Kick & Electric Starter
Cooling System Liquid Cooled
Fuel Tank Capacity 7.6 L
Fuel Consumption 36.0 km/L @50km/h
Type C.V.T auto speed change
Clutch Centrifugal
Electrical System
Battery 12V 8Ah

:)sayangi diri anda...salam sayang..sayang selalu....Shikin berkongsi bukan untuk dinilai atau dikeji...ikhlas luahan hati Sayang Shikin
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Ya Allah ...makhbulkanlah impianku.

Ya Allah ...makhbulkanlah impianku.
Ya Allah Kurniakanlah kerinduan untuk bertemu dengan Mu dan kenikmatan memandang wajahMU. Pandanglah aku hambaMu yang hina ini. Ya ArhamarrRohim.Amin Ya Robbal Alamin..in