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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Why Positive Thinking Makes Me Angry Sometimes‏

You've probably heard that one of the most common
practices of successful people is "positive" thinking.
That term seems condescending to me...somehow better than me. 
It makes me angry sometimes. 
I know I can't be positive all the time.  Give me a break.  
Sometimes I'm just angry...and I WANT to be angry.
How easy is it to really make positive thinking a practice in your
life? Sure, you've probably had good days where you could
keep your thoughts positive and empowering.
   But what about those days when it just seems that
nothing is going right, and you can't seem to keep the
flies of negative thought from ruining your picnic?
I'm here to tell you...it's okay, man.  You're okay!
  I have a couple of tips...
If you're curious about the solution to this "negative" thinking
dilemma, try this simple yet powerful strategy...
   Reframing Your Thoughts
   The first key to stamping out negative thoughts fast
is to accept that your thoughts not only influence your
actions, but that they are also influenced BY the actions
which you take in response to them. In other words, when
you allow fear to influence you to act fearfully, that
fear is only going to grow more and more powerful.
   But if you refuse to allow fear to influence you to
fearful actions, and if you choose acts of courage
instead, you'll find that your fear will take on a
context: excitement. Think about this: biologically, the
differences between fear and excitement aren't any
different. They both cause accelerated heartbeat, rapid
breathing and a heightening of your physical senses.
   But there is an enormous difference in the frame of
mind that accompanies fear and that which accompanies
excitement, and that frame of mind is influenced by your
experiences. For example, if you fear rejection and
choose to retreat into the privacy of your own thoughts,
you're only reinforcing what you fear through what
psychologists call "self-rejection."
   On the other hand, you choose to act in courage by
either approaching that prospect, or speaking to that
member of the opposite sex who you're afraid of being
rejected by, you give that fear a new context. And the
more persistent you are in confronting your fear with
acts of courage, the less like fear it will seem, and  the
more excitement you'll feel.
   This is the fastest and most effective way to stamp
out "negative" thoughts. Now, in case you're thinking
that this sounds way too simple to be true...
   Making the Switch
   Have you ever changed your mind about something? Of
course you have...but what really changed? Most likely it
wasn't your mind, it was your actions...and those actions
changed because your priorities changed. In other words,
you decided that a new action was more important than
your original action.
   This is exactly the key to reframing your thoughts by
taking new and empowering actions. The next time your
overwhelmed by worry or fear, or any other kind of
negative thought, ask yourself this: "What action is this
negative thought keeping me from taking?"
   If the action is stupid or if you don't have it
planned out, then your "negative" thought might be
completely valid. It might be telling you that you need
to develop a more solid plan of action. But if the  action
is something which would be beneficial to you or someone
you care about, redirect your focus to what's  really
   Your thoughts and emotions are influenced by what  you
focus on, and the more you focus on what's important  to
you, the less thoughts and feelings of fear and worry
will hinder you from taking positive action. You'll also
be more empowered to confront your negative thoughts  with
acts of courage, and those actions will reframe  your
   TIP: The next time that you have a "negative" thought,
stop and think about what that thought might be trying to
tell you. Most often, once you discover the source of
your negative thoughts, they lose their power to influence
 you. But if you keep trying to bury them, you'll miss the
 insight that they hold, and the more persistent they'll
But you know what, if you're just angry...and WANT to be
angry - that's okay.  Have your fill...
....And when you're ready to stamp out anger, depression or money
issues from your life for good, check out the "Attractor Genie" 
which in my opinion has a superb method for becoming positive:
   To your success,
Mike David 
:)sayangi diri anda...salam sayang..sayang selalu....Sayang Shikin

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Ya Allah ...makhbulkanlah impianku.
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